Essentials for Successful Language Teaching

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Essentials For Successful English Language Teaching is about how we teach English Language Learners (ELLs) and how our ELLs learn. Farrell and Jacobs encourage those involved in teaching English to develop, maintain and rediscover the reasons that led them to take up the profession. They focus on the essentials in teaching the English language that teachers can implement in their instruction so that their students can excel in their learning: Encourage learner autonomy Emphasize the social nature of learning: Develop curricular integration, focus on meaning. Utilize alternative assessment, and Promote English language teachers as co-learners along with their students. These essentials are best implemented as a whole, rather than one at a time and so they are interwoven with each other to encourage a holistic teaching approach. Highly accessible, each chapter comes with case studies and a range of activities to encourage the reader to put each of the essentials into practice. With these the authors aim to bring an inner smile to all English language teachers thatreassures themthey made the right choice when they chose to become teachers of the English language.
This reflective and engaging book will be invaluable to postgraduate students of TESOL and applied linguistics, and in-service language teachers.

Essentials for Successful Language Teaching

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