Teaching and Learning the English Language

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Teaching and Learning the English Language is a practical guide for anyone seeking to improve their teaching, whether through formal study or on their own. Richard Badger explores teaching English as a problem-solving activity in which teachers must address three fundamental questions:
* what aspect of language do students need to learn;
* how might they learn this particular aspect of language;
* and how can teachers support their learning.

Offering a solid, research-based approach along with sound practical advice, this book equips teachers with skills needed to analyse their own contexts and develop their practice. It covers:
* Fundamentals of English language
* Psychological and social learning processes
* TESOL teaching methods and approaches
* Lesson planning and classroom management
* Language evaluation and assessment
* Teaching pronunciation, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and discourse
* Teaching listening, reading, writing and speaking
* English teacher professional development

Pedagogical features include chapter summaries, activities for students and key readings recommendations, and the book is also supported by online resources: video case studies, additional exercises and multiple choice quizzes. Including numerous international lesson examples and case studies, Teaching and Learning English Language is suitable for both trainee and practising teachers who speak English as a first, second or foreign language.

Teaching and Learning the English Language

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