VCE EAL SAC & Exam Guide

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Insight’s VCE EAL SAC & Exam Guide is a practical and thorough resource designed to help EAL students prepare for and achieve strong results in their Units 3 and 4 SACs and the end-of-year exam.

The guide explains the requirements and criteria for all assessment tasks. It presents practical strategies for preparing for SACs, with clear guidelines for developing original, well-structured and effective responses for the Outcomes in the three Areas of Study.

The exam chapter offers advice on revising and on managing time in the exam, together with a discussion of the qualities of high-level exam responses and how to create such responses.


  • Strategies for understanding, analysing and comparing texts, and for developing original, well-supported interpretations
  • Advice on listening to texts and effectively answering comprehension questions
  • Step-by-step guidelines for comprehending and analysing media texts, and for presenting a point of view on a contemporary issue
  • Practical tips for improving SAC and exam responses.


Changes to the VCE Study Design for EAL

In response to the disruption caused by COVID-19, the VCAA has made changes to Unit 4 for 2020 only. As a result, some of the information and advice contained in the VCE EAL SAC & Exam Guide is not relevant to the 2020 school year.

The following points summarise the changes to the EAL Study Design for 2020.

For Unit 3:

  • Unit 3 will now contribute 30% to the overall study score for EAL.
  • There are no changes to the assessment requirements or the number of marks allocated to each SAC.

For Unit 4:

  • There are no changes to Outcome 1, which is still worth 60 marks.
  • Outcome 2 now requires students to produce a written outline of a point of view, 300—500 words in length. It will show a planning process and demonstrate an understanding of argument and persuasive language.
  • Outcome 2 will be worth 10 marks.
  • Unit 4 will now contribute 20% to the overall study score for EAL.

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